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Duduza Relief Project

In October 2011, a tornado tore through the township of Duduza in the East Rand, damaging 558 houses and displacing some 2,500 people. The Thebe Foundation teamed up with KayaFM (a member of the Thebe group of companies) and assisted the Ekurhuleni Municipality and the Department of Social Development to provide short-term relief for 200 learners who had lost uniforms and stationery ahead of the start of the new school term. Having provided these learners with basic and immediate needs, the Foundation – working with Social Workers from the Department of Social Development – identified learners from families in dire need of a more comprehensive intervention. Based on these assessments, 10 learners are now part of an ongoing support programme that includes transport, nutritional support and measures to provide a home environment conducive to learning.

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